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Sunday, November 1st, 2015
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In the last months of the great war, Daring Do is called to once again brave the jungles of the Tenochtitlan Basin on a vital mission. While deep in enemy territory, she begins work on a final book: a prequel. A story that will never be completed. Here are the recovered fragments of that lost, unfinished Daring Do novel. Author's note: This story was originally posted in my blogs. By popular request, I am now offering it as proper story, along with a new introduction. "Origin Story" is set within and framed by the world of Fallout: Equestria. However, only cursory knowledge of that story is required to fully enjoy this one. "Origin Story" does not need to be considered canon to Fallout: Equestria by fans or authors. As always, my goal is to create a friendly, hospitable atmosphere for people to discuss the story. I will be policing the comments section, deleting and blocking any rudeness, hostility, hate-speech or trolling. Warning: comments section may contain spoilers. Please enjoy the story. :twilightsmile: [size=0.5em]Original lettering for artwork by pims1978[/size]
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Oct 31st, 2015
Oct 31st, 2015

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