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Sunday, September 2nd, 2012
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Thursday, November 15th, 2012
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Dark, Crossover
Fallout Equestria: Wings of Steel The Steel Wings, a Vertibuck squadron famed for flying into the most dangerous situations of the war, and getting out alive. So when the Equestrian Intelligence Service receives word of a new zebra weapon, they send in the Steel Wings with a simple mission: get in, get the weapon, and get out. In a harrowing tale of action and adventure, the Steel Wings stumble upon something far more dangerous than what they're after, and find themselves in a race against time to stop it.
Sep 1st, 2012
Oct 16th, 2012
Oct 16th, 2012
Oct 21st, 2012
Nov 2nd, 2012
Nov 2nd, 2012
Nov 15th, 2012

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