Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

Post by Arcane_Scroll » Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:59 am

(reposting my old reviews from the comments thread)

Originally Posted: August 6, 2011 10:52 PM

Steelhoves falling, I’m really hoping he’s tough because that’s a long fall!

Damn, Xenith is f’n crazy! Jumping through the sky on the backs of your enemies is the definition of crazy!

At this point in the story I was not expecting a Little Lamplight reference. Damn, how did you make something that was so funny (and annoying) so sad here?

Ok, I can’t believe I didn’t get the LL reference when Xenith’s daughter was first mentioned. Looking back it was all right there.

OMG, Glyphmark makes Big Town look prosperous! I never sympathized much with the folks of Big Town, but my heart breaks reading about this little town.

Hah, I knew the Goddess would try to get into Zebra heads somehow. She’s egotistical and arrogant but she’s not stupid.

Sad shack, lots of pain, suicide. I think I know who’s shack this is, this is going to be painful *cry*

Zebratown, crossover with human history too, and not a happy point either :(

Cool, Xenith has some cool swears too!

I really should have played the latest DLC first, but I think I should be able to grasp things.

Zombie Zebras, I should have seen that coming LOL

Littlepip’s one spell is becoming extremely powerful, being able to now fly herself and levitate her friends at the same time while remotely picking locks.

Littlepip, best swear yet!

Ack, keep getting lost in the story, one of the best chapters yet!

Loving the Princess Luna journal, very fascinating stuff! Her not understanding the reaction toward her from the zebras is very surprising.

And into the sewers, that place in every FPS where all hell breaks out, I hope :)

Why would she want to return to the room? I get the feeling I’m missing something.

Those alicorns are getting smarter, perfect trap! I feel sorry for Littlepip and her merry band, but I have to congratulate the bad guys on a job well done!

“I died here” Oh, wow, that’s gotta be bringing back some seriously awful memories.

OMG, Steelhooves, I’m actually tearing up for Steelhooves!

Calamity the kleptomaniac strikes again LOL

Who’s a silly pony? Midnight Shower’s a silly pony.

Wow Midnight, bigot much?

Littlepip’s train of thought just diverted to the tunnel of love LOL

“Last night, I remembered I used to be a buck.” I couldn't stop laughing over that, I pictured it waking up and be like “Holly shit, what happened to mini-me?”

OMG, Pinkie Pie, you scared the shit out of me!

B.E.L., I love Littlepip’s reaction “I’ll be right back”

Ok, the prophecy, that’s all it took, that is f’n scary!

OMG, Xenith, you’re still insane! You don’t charge 5 absurdly powerful enemies no matter how powerful your hat is!

Bat wings, f’n epic! I was wondering what she was cooking up.

Calamity trying to explain himself to Velvet, so perfectly in character!

Ok, that has got to be the longest chapter yet! Loved it, but I think in this case it really could have been split into two chapters. Not complaining though :)

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