The Dealer is?

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Re: The Dealer is?

Post by Zab » Thu May 03, 2012 10:22 pm

Obviously he's a space-alien come down to the land in order to promote peace and death with his varying use of skills, such as teleportation and shape shifting! Obviously!

Wait, no, that's absurd. It's actually just a normal alien, they don't have to be from space!

I think it's just a random character that nobody knows who it is. I can just imagine Somber sitting the going "Dance, puppets, dance!" at our ideas. XD
Let it be known that these wretched lives shall be taken today under the watchful eyes of those innocents who have died, pleading for their blood to be shed...
... Or maybe we can just dance! Dancing is always fun with cold-blooded murderers! Lots of neat stories!
... Sometimes I wonder why I was given the ability to converse with myself... Or why this body of mine is part machine...

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