Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Post by Arcane_Scroll » Sun Jan 22, 2012 7:44 pm

(Reposted from Equestria Daily)

Ok, starting out underwater with a ship sinking above her? Yep, that's not hitting my claustrophobia any.

OMG, Priest, WTF is happening?

The sky is gone? Oh that is so not good.

And Rampage has gone completly to "that" mode and killing her own baby. This scares me more then anything else so far.

Scotch Tape... I don't know what to say... makes sense though.

Glory, I can't even picture that in my mind.

And the Light Bringer, ok pretty much has to be a hallucination or dream.

Yeah, I kinda figured out who the father was early on.

And Spike, ok that was too much.

And, time jump, spitting up water. She's safe, laying on a beach is my guess.

Ok, so the Overloard is P-21, one of his favorite "breeders" is Scotch Tape. Well, that's kinda messed up.

And, yep, recovering from drowning.

I hope we get a description of what she looks like now, my imagination is going overboard.

The seaponies lived! One shining beacon of hope! I was sure at least one had died.

"Balefire snack cakes" XD

Everyone thinks being a unicorn is the best, but that is one damn big weakness!

Vanity, how I've missed him. He's one of my favorites.

Is... is that Fancypants?

It is! *squee*

I've always hated Blueblood, glad to see I'm not the only one.

Vanity is a true gentelcolt... much respect.

What is that contrabass, a soul jar?

I really hate Blueblood right now... a lot!

And back. Glory betrays BJ, I was kind of expecting that.

I really need to see how BJ looks, it's driving me insane!

"we don’t normally wear clothes" OMFG XD

Ok, P-21 loving BJ. Lacunae really gets to the point, no matter how much it hurts.

P-21 is getting some great character development. He was never really a favorite of mine, not as developed. I'm really glad to see this happening.

Ok, is this another memory orb or is it another dream?

Typo?: "small runed rod". Might just be me too tired.

Oh, I hate the O.I.A. even more now.

"So now she was a verb." Yep, always has been :)

"Paladin Studmuffin" XD

"That’s disgusting!" Yep, never touch the things myself, nasty stuff.

Ok, the description of her legs. Very accurate. I've helped care for people and have seen this before. Usually they loose the limbs, usually.


OMG, they are playing a PnP game! I wonder where that came from :)

Steelhooves, are... are you a wizard?

Purple flash, blue mare, is Big Mac this dense?

Yep, he's dense. She's practically screaming that she's Twilight.

"two plates of daffodil and daisy salads with apple slices" This... actually sounds really good. The sandwich in Ticket Master always looks so tasty, so tempted to make one.

Big Mac in a bar fight... I love moments like these :)

And the unicorn is out of the bag. I hope they don't break up, they are so cute together.

*cries* Big Mac, I'm disappointed in you.

Oh fuck, that stallion?

Worse part for me was reading about her loosing her legs. I watched someone I cared about have a leg removed, it's not something that can be forgotten. For me, this was the painful part of the story. What happened to BJ is bad, I know from experience, but the legs... that's what hit me.

"soil myself" I just spit soda out my nose... the pain! That whole part was genius!

P-21 and Blackjack. Yeah, it's easier to talk about it with someone who has been there, because then you don't even have to talk.

Was that Rampage? Yep, it was :)

The sun? Is this after the cloud cover was destroyed?

And she's gone. I can pretty much guess what's going to happen next, and I can't wait to see if I'm right.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

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