The Ditzy Doo Chronicles

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The Ditzy Doo Chronicles

Post by TenMihara » Tue Jan 31, 2012 12:56 am

This is a bit of a shameless self promotion, but for what I feel is a good reason. I started this story back in December, around the time that FoE was drawing to a close. It was published to EqD before I moved it to FiM Fiction (where it admittedly got a LOT more exposure).

My main reason for posting a topic here was because I'm looking for more in depth feedback. While the responses have all been positive thus far, not too many of them go into detail. As a writer who is always striving to improve, I always look for feedback that is as detailed as possible. I like to know specifically what my readers like, dislike, want to see more or less of, or even things that just bug them personally.

The story itself is framed as a book written by Ditzy Doo, chronicling her 200 years in the Equestrian Wasteland between the destruction of Cloudsdayle and the main FoE story, sort of like a set of memoirs. You can find it here ... Chronicles.

Thanks in advance to anypony who reads it and provides feedback.

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