Middling Writer looking for a Collaborator/Editor/Setting-Verifier for an entry fanfic for FoE

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Middling Writer looking for a Collaborator/Editor/Setting-Verifier for an entry fanfic for FoE

Post by Vaust » Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:10 am

Howdy! So you're here reading this? Great!

I have a general idea in mind for a story, though the specific beats and overall plot is kind of hazy.
Firstly, the characters: I've skimmed a bit through the forums and the wiki as well as cursory looks into MLP itself. It's a sort of mixed-bag of odds and ends, but it might work if done well.
- Jack Flash (used to go by as Talon Cogwing), male griffon. Left eye is half-shut and lazy (a la Ditzy Doo's eyes) due to a head injury that scrambled up his head a bit. He did get better, but he's not the same as before. Still a heck of an inventor/reclaimer of old tech, mechanical and even a slight bit of the magical (just the Matrix stuff is usable for him, though). He has his heart in the right place, though he's not a social birdy. The Talon Mercenary company seem to have interest in him from previous work, though Jack just wants out from the past.
- Dawn Starfall (used to go by Dusk Starfall), IMP-induced Alicorn. She's definitely a few screws loose because of the mutations, but once the Goddess was no more, it was a bit of a scare when old memories started to seep back in when it was most disquieting. At least with the memories returning, the Alicorn is less blood-thirsty than before. Not much can dissuade Dawn from a course of action, though that can be good and bad. There's a lot to learn for Dawn, and at least a few of the answers are in the past.
- Buzz (used to go by a since lost drone designation), Changeling Drone. Nothing like so old-fashioned pride for the old days before the megaspells. Though having seen the wasteland as it is, there's little in him but gripe, pessimism, and disgust at what's left. This goes doubly so for his thoughts on the post-war Changelings and the mutated Cazadoppelgangers. But hey, adapt or die, right? He's masked his real feelings before expertly, and Buzz can do it for as long as he needs to. Although, he'll eventually have to drop the act and actually pull his head out of the past.
Alright. I guess a running theme for these characters is about things before having an effect on things in present. Maybe there can be a plot with that. Anyway, further backstory and details beyond that are work-able for later when there's an actual plot in mind.
Second thing, the tone: I'm not exactly sure what sort of tone would be appropriate for the world and the characters. One part of me says play it straight 100% with very little humor, and another part of me says to play it up like a cartoony apocalypse where tongues are so far in the cheeks, the tongues are stretching themselves all the way to the moon. And obviously there's the other part of me that says to have a mix; so how should I mix the tone of the story?
Thirdly, setting fit: I admit I'm not really familiar with a majority of the vernacular and the setting for FoE or MLP, but I'm not gonna let that stop me from trying to make a good story in that setting. I may just need someone to help double-check that I'm not doing anything in the story that would be excessively breaking the world (IE, if Buzz can even exist, since I only got Changelings post-apocalypse and Cazadoppelgangers from reading the PnP forum section about add-on stuff for the base game). Any little bit helps.

But yeah, that's what I wanted to have all said and available for people (ponies?) to read. Hopefully, this can work out well.

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