FoE : New Bridle : High Kingdom (Need some proofreading ]: )

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FoE : New Bridle : High Kingdom (Need some proofreading ]: )

Post by RoyRenRoxx » Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:00 pm

Hello, world!

So I've started to publish some of my story to FIM Fiction, but apparently my grammar's a great big whackjob. I don't want to post any further without having some help reviewing chapters and making sure I'm not just slopping together one big mistake.

Right now, the document I'm writing my stories on is on private, since I go back a lot and overhaul. There's also a PnP Universe of New Bridle roaming around, so I constantly have to check between the two to make sure things are shiny. In fear of causing any mass confusion, I just want to invite people in individually to review what I have done so far. It also helps guarantee I'll get some feedback for every viewer!

If anyone wants to look over what I have published so far, just pop over to the FimFiction link. If you'd like to help me fix the stuff that still needs to be submitted, please drop me a PM or comment below :rainbowkiss:
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