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Shy Game-Searching

Post by Vaust » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:28 pm

Howdy! So...

Is there anyone around willing to try and do a new PnP game of Fo:E? I have a few generic ideas for a plot, and I know enough about the world to have two characters ready for fleshing out within one of the systems, But the big problem is that I have no faith in my ability to be a good GM and I don't think I know enough to run the setting correctly.
To be fair, I'm just putting this out there because I don't know for sure what else I could do to be a part of a campaign. Most of the other listings are months old and I don't know about if they're still running or not, so... Making this post seemed like a good idea.

Anyway, one of the ideas I had for a campaign is basically the story of a town. It can start off with there being a town or village or camp or whatever that the party first meets at, and things the party does affects the growth and NPCs around the hub, and then maybe a major faction will take notice of the town by then so the players can decide the fate of their town. By doing this, the central goal is to make the town thrive and to keep it safe, while actual character stories can be integrated into how it affects the hub and the events that crop up. It isn't much, but it's easy to get a varied assortment of wastelanders into the story without there being as much hassle putting them into it in the first place.
The system to use can be whatever, but I do prefer the one closest to Fallout PnP rules. I just feel like it'd be appropriate to play a game of Fallout: Equestria under a system based on Fallout itself.

More will be added and discussed, in case others see this and are interested.

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