Seeking Playtesters for a FoE rulebook

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Seeking Playtesters for a FoE rulebook

Post by SourCherry » Sun Apr 08, 2018 1:42 pm

Having completed (rule-wise) our year-long project of Fallout:Equestria pen and paper rulebook, Wasteland Ventures, we're now seeking playtesters for a series of one-shots. There will be numerous games, but as each are one-shots, it isn't a problem if people change per session. As the project is still unfinished, there may come times where you have to change your character due to a found balance issue etc.

Game will be held on Discord over voice chat, during Saturday or Sunday depending which is more fitting for any who are interested. Link to the Discord channel will be given in a PM.

The rulebook uses d100-system, but with added skills related to casting, with all three pony races having their own magic, and with Zebra having both their alchemy and spirit magic, and griffins having aerial maneuvers alike the pegasi do.
Alternate race guide is in the works, and mechanically playable, but has not been included in the files as of yet. Additional races include Abyssinians (the cats from the movie), harpies (the parrots from the movie) yaks, donkeys, diamond dogs, changelings and more.

Further questions can be aimed at me, ... file&u=768 or to Waak: ... file&u=136

Relevant files are found here: ... sp=sharing

Direct Link to Character Sheet: ... sp=sharing

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