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Weapons Development Group

Post by GreenBank » Wed Apr 08, 2015 1:49 pm


What is this?
Now with that out of the way, who wants to shoot some guns!? Because I've got a fair sized list of firearms that need to field testing and I need people to do that! The biggest single component is going to be the introduction/inclusion of blackpowder weapons and their mechanics. It's fairly complex, relatively speaking, when compared to Fallout and the PNP's modern firearms guns system and thus represents the biggest block of additional rules. The other addition is a more in-depth shotgun rules system. The idea is to offer more variety of weapons in a semi-realistic fashion, for those who would be interested in that kind of thing.

A Word of Caution
This is less a PNP group and more of a potentially shifting assemblage of equines shooting at things. There will be a plot to the sessions (more or less) but mostly the focus is on mechanically and play testing weapons rather then plot/character development. There's a chance for players to join or leave and return as they may desire if they've gotten tired of the whole business or only want to try a specific part of the testing slate. The has the potential to be really boring or repetitive to some people that might be looking for a "real" PNP group rather the rules development.

What exactly is this, again?
1) Flintlock/Blackpowder rules. The former are ready for testing, blackpowder percussion cap and cartridge weapons are still in what could be called pre-Alpha development.
2) Shotgun Mods. Implements, right now, a selection of shotgun options and chokes to the game system plus a new gauge (.410). Still under Beta development to add additional content.
3) The Rules Formerly Known as Tier 0+. Initially encompassed both items 1 and 2 before they became more complex. The intention was to give some more flavorful options to starting level and later characters. Includes, at this point, the basic introduction of flintlocks and .410 bore shotguns to the rules.
4) Battle Rifles+. This is definitely for those that really like the M1 Garand. Includes FoE versions of real life M1 experimental variants or evolutions as well as some other early to mid-20th century firearms.
5) THE FUTURE! That's right, if there are guns you want to see implemented in FoE let me know! This is your chance to put them on a guns list no one uses (yet) and test them against your friends!

Now, these are mostly geared towards the Revised PNP Rules with Mad_Modd's rule system though there very well may be testing other variant systems at some point in the future.

1) See the adoption of the Flintlock Rules as a game option for groups.
2) Test out all major bugs or potential exploits from the current rules.
3) Ensure proper balance for each weapon or group of weapons. That none are under or over powered.
4) Maybe be CaliberX for the FoE PNP.

How do I join?
I'm looking for all kinds of characters to see how a variety of normal, regular PNP characters would fair against or with these weapons. In the future I'll make a post (or for those already involved a PM or IRC message) saying what level or any special features needed for the session's testing. For the initial session I'll be looking for Level 5 Wartime-era Equestrians submitted on the Revised PNP character sheet of your liking.[/b] This is primarily due to the fact I want to edge both of us, players and GM, in easy to the testing process and that means testing some of the simpler stuff (standard rifles).

All Important Game Time Stuff
Day: Whenever. Could be several times a week if people want to meet more then once a week.
Time: Less flexible, as right now I'm making sure times are set-up for when my job resumes in a month. For now it's liberally 'any time' but will eventually be reduced to 'any time after 6PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-5)
Additional Requirements: None

Documents Themselves
Revised PNP Rules
Mad Modd's Weapons
Alternate Weapons Sheet
Flintlock Rules

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