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Post by PWNY Fluttershy » Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:19 am

“Come one, come all to watch these poor souls kill each other for your enjoyment!” - Arena announcer.

The Witcher

So, you think your tough do ye? Well prove it in the arena or get your arse handed to ya! Want fame? Money? Women? Then come bash some poor blokes brains in and get paid doing it!

The Witcher PNP RPG ruleset in in it’s early stages and as such, things will be tweaked and changed, signs and magic will be worked out and items ect. Right now it’s based off Mad_Modd’s FoE ruleset, so not everything has been changed yet. If you're interested in joining this, leave a comment below.

WARNING: The arena does not take responsibility for loss of limb or life.

[experimental] Ruleset: ... sp=sharing

Character sheet: ... sp=sharing

[experimental] Equipment sheet: ... sp=sharing

May the White Wolf be with ye.

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