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The Ohvist
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Um... Hi...

Post by The Ohvist » Thu Jul 09, 2015 2:06 am

This is kinda strange, my first time in a forum actually.
Anyway, I am "The Ohvist".

NAH! I'm just joshing you. I saw the Youtube button and thought "What the hell? Why not link one of my videos to you." But that's not creative enough to sate your hunger, so why not these delectable Youtube Videos made personally by me.

Um... Too much Star Wars?
Fine, how about this taste of the Brony side of things?

Anyways, enoguh about Youtube, let's do Fallout!!
I've been into Fallout since '09. only just managed to download and play Fallout 3 just a little over 3 weeks ago. Read Fallout Equestria in-between game time whenever I felt like it. Currently I am on Chapter 28 of Project Horizons, and I am a "Big Picture" kind of guy. Give me a creative team and I'll pitch an idea that's a guaranteed smash hit for them to tackle... at least, that's how I feel myself to be, not sure since none in my life know I'm into this sort of stuff.
But I do have several project ideas on my mind that I wish to execute before the 11th of November (it's more than just the release date of Fallout 4, it's also my best friend's birthday that day and he too is a fan of Fallout: though he doesn't even know I'm a brony, let alone that such a thing as Fallout Equestria even exists!)

So if there's any animators or such in need of fresh ideas and inspiration...

:raritywink: I'm your guy.

So, watch out chat forums, :rainbowdetermined2: The Ohvist is on the prowl!!

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