MLP:FiM Fan Fiction Documentary secures interview with Kkat!

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MLP:FiM Fan Fiction Documentary secures interview with Kkat!

Post by Piquo Pie » Sun Apr 14, 2013 5:24 am

Good day,

I, Piquo Pie, am heading up the 40-45 minute MLP:FiM Fan Fiction Documentary, fimfiction group FAQ. I recently secured confirmation from Kkat that she would be willing to provide a written interview which can be incorporated into the documentary. We would also provide the full interview online after the documentary airs this summer.

We are also in need of people to submit fanficiton to be used as reference and background in the documentary. Specifically we have little in the way of fallout fan fiction. If you are interested, please submit your fic in our fimfiction group here or Email us at Note that you can link whatever site you want for the documentary, even fallout equestria resources and we prefer a variety of sites.

Here is a copy paste of our submission rules and guidelines.
Now before you go filling up everything with all your wonderful fics, please keep in mind that there is a lot of sorting of information that we need to do, so please help us by using the following rules and format.

1) Only submit your own fic.
2) Only one story per author.
3) No clop.
4) Mature fics due to gore will be looked at with special consideration. But to save time please keep the stories to something that ‘happens to include something dark’ as opposed to ‘mostly consisting of something dark.’ Think whether most 13 year olds would be allowed to read it or not. [again, this is a copy paste from the group. Fallout Equestria is a special case where slightly more adult themes will be allowed if only because of the importance and as an example of a tastefully done mature fic].
5) No inappropriate pictures, word, or situations in the main context of the home page for the story or the link you sent us (If you link to it, make sure it’s a link to something relatively clean).
6) No stories that are canceled or on hiatus.
7) By submitting your fic bellow you give us complete permission to use it in the documentary in any capacity, as well as any promotional material for the documentary. This includes waiving the right to file a complaint with this site or the stories host site, as well as waiving any right for legal action against any affiliate associated with the documentary


1) Title and link:
Use the link button in the comment box (at the top near the color wheel), paste the link in the box provided, when it asks for what text you wish to display just use the title. This does not need to be a fimfiction link but if it is not then include the site in (brackets) on the next line

2) The name you want displayed. This should be the same name that you go by on whatever site you post your story link on. If the name is not appropriate than we will not be able to include it in the documentary.

3) Description: Something short and straight to the point please. This isn't a sales pitch where you can be ambiguous; we really need the straight facts about what the story is about. Note that you do not have to ruin anything in the story to do this. (See example below)

4) Category tags. Everything is okay but keep in mind that if it is a darker story it will take longer to review so keep the dark stories from being to terrible please. Think of it this way, if most parents would not want their 13 year old daughter to read it, then it’s probably not okay. If you aren’t sure play it safe and go with a different story.
Also please include the primary tag first. So if an adventure happens to be a romance then include Adventure first, then Romance.

5) Whether the fic is complete or not. We won’t likely need this but it might help with matching stories with discussion topics.

6) Any standout comments. Include the commenter’s name.

A space

7) Any extra note/comment you want to leave


Title:not a real link as I wouldn’t dare poison Fallout Equestria Resources with one of my non-fallout equestria fics
By: PiquoPie
Description: T is a troll. He befriends several wandering traders and works out how to integrate into pony society. They will go on adventures together but I do not want to reveal the plot twists here. (Please note that even though the last part is ambiguous we know what the story is about.)
Category: Comedy, Dark, normal/slice of life, a bit of adventure.
Awesome comment by FanOfMostEverything:
Fascinating. A little Discworld, a little Tolkien, and a lot of engaging writing. I'm definitely looking forward to more. I'm also wondering what Celestia [thought] of the Nightmare Moon incident from a trollish perspective.
Even though this is one of my lesser known fics, it's gotten a better reception by those who read it. Also it's an epistolary, specifically written in letter form.

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Re: MLP:FiM Fan Fiction Documentary secures interview with K

Post by Arcane_Scroll » Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:55 am

I saw that in the Nightly Roundup on Equestria Daily last night, awesome! Good luck with the project, I'm looking forward to it!

Piquo Pie
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Re: MLP:FiM Fan Fiction Documentary secures interview with K

Post by Piquo Pie » Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:59 am

Arcane_Scroll wrote:I saw that in the Nightly Roundup on Equestria Daily last night, awesome! Good luck with the project, I'm looking forward to it!


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