#FalloutEquestria Channel Rules

General discussion about Fallout: Equestria the story and the universe it has created.
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#FalloutEquestria Channel Rules

Post by Dashite » Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:46 am

Practicing friendship, kindness, generosity, integrity, loyalty and optimism in the wasteland.

The primary purpose of this channel is to be a friendly, enjoyable place for members of the Fallout: Equestria fan community to spend time with each other. The channel strives to be a welcoming and non-stressful environment.

To that end, there are areas of conversation that, while not forbidden on the channel, are acceptable only with consent of the currently active group, and need to be stopped upon request. Here are several examples:
  • This channel follows a common sense rule. If you think if it's something you shouldn't post, it's probably a wise idea to not post it.
  • This is a mature channel, and many of us enjoy adult (or generally NSFW) discussions. However bear in mind that some of the members of this community are minors. If anyone requests that a NSFW conversation be halted, participants should do so. (Please note that #FalloutEquestriaAfterDark exists to cater to sexual roleplay or truly raunchy discussions, as well as any discussions that you are requested to stop in the mane chat.)
  • We all have stress in our lives, and everyone at some point just needs to blow off steam. One of the things friends do is act as an ear and a shoulder to those in need. But venting can sour the mood of everyone in a channel, or add to other people's stressful days. So if you are venting and asked to take it elsewhere, you must cease on the mane channel. We recommend that you please generate a channel (such as #FoEVenting ) and invite others there so that you can continue without disrupting the mane channel.
  • If you desire to criticize the stories, art or other works of fellow members of the Fo:E community, consider doing so elsewhere. There are places for conversations about all the things you don't like about someone else's work, but this is not one of them. We strive to create a place where no Fo:E artist, writer, musician or other creative member should have to find themselves on the defensive, or walk into a conversation about how others on the channel don't like their work. That said, it is perfectly acceptable to engage in polite and non-biased conversations about the merits and flaws of a work so long as you end the conversation upon request of anyone on the channel. (And, please, we require that politely, without grousing or snide commentary about "censorship".)
  • If a channel member decides to spew out their depression/suicidal tendencies within the channel you are not allowed to reinforce them with negative comments that could be harmful to said user. Doing so results in an immediate warning, afterwords is a 3 month ban. Alternatively members are no longer allowed to spew out their depression as this public forum/IRC is not such a safe haven for these things. If you are experiencing these issues you should seek help... friends or professionally.
Likewise, there are some topics which are restricted.
  • When a new episode airs (or has been leaked), we all want to talk about it. But many of us can't see the episodes right away, so discussion about new episodes are not allowed on the mane channel until 24 hours after the episode has aired. (For discussions of new episodes before then, please join #FalloutEquestriaSpoilers .)
  • Conversations about politics, religion and EVE Online are not allowed due to how heated discussions of these topics can easily become. Likewise, the channel will no longer allow arguments about what is and is not "canon" for the world of Fallout: Equestria. (Fortunately, this last can be easily answered: according to Kkat, only the original Fallout: Equestria is canon. The side story "A Mare Worth Dying For" may be taken as canon, but is not required to be considered so. No other works are canon, nor is Kkat's own headcanon.)
  • Slamming authors and their stories in the channel is not allowed. Keep your opinions to yourself please. All criticism is supposed to be constructive just as a sign of common courtesy. (Violation of this rule will result in temporary banning or worse.)
  • In joining this channel, you are choosing to become a member of the Fo:E fan community and are agreeing to a social contract to treat other members with respect and kindness, and to be treated so in return. Attacking, bullying or slandering other members of the Fo:E community is never acceptable, whether they are on the chat or not. (Likewise, if your actions and attitudes towards the Fo:E community outside of this channel are regularly negative or openly hostile, do not expect to have a place within it. Loyalty, honesty and friendship are not mere words here. Extreme or repeated attacks on members or the community as a whole outside of the IRC may be grounds for banning.)
Finally, out of general politeness, we ask you abide by the following guidelines:
  • While colorful language is permitted, please do not be excessive with your use of swear words.
  • If you are writing a story, it is understandable that you would want us to read it, but please do not advertise to the point where you become a nuisance. We strongly recommend advertising no more than twice a day.
  • A lot of Fo:E authors and artists frequent the chat. If you are enjoying a story that is in-progress, it is understandable that you would want information on new chapters or to just coax your favorite author (or audio narrator) to hurry up with the next chapter. Again, don't make yourself a nuisance, or bombard authors or narrators with questions.
  • If you are posting links to adult or otherwise Not Safe For Work content, your links must be tagged [NSFW].
  • If you are posting some type of Gore it must be tagged [GORE] and it must be related to Fallout: Equestria. (example.) Anything else is grounds for a warning and afterwards a ban. Real life gore is not allowed for ANY reason. No exceptions. You will be banned. Remember the guideline below:
"The IRC is not a haven for horrible, shock-value grimdark. Remember: This IRC is for fans of a story about making the world a better place, and fighting back against things that are hurtful and vile; so, despite the dark tones, its focus lies effectively on the light that lies ahead. As such, unrelated gore and grimdark are quite out of place here, and would warrant warnings or bans appropriately." -Kkat
And remember the final rule: do not argue about rules and rulings with the Ops. The administrators and moderators of this channel have the final say.

Any rule violation will result in a warning. Any further infringement may be met with temporary or even permanent bans from the channel.

If there are any problems within the chat please feel free to PM either Nomad (Dashite) or Arcane Scroll either on the IRC or on the forums here. They will be sure to handle it as swift as they can.

Enjoy chatting! :lwalk:

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Re: #FalloutEquestria Channel Rules

Post by Retl » Thu Mar 27, 2014 7:51 pm

Brief suggestions for additions to the rules:

1. Include a link to the Canternet IRC general rules or make mention of the /rules command. http://canternet.org/rules While it is mentioned when connecting to the server, it is easy to miss.

2. Include a clause warning against activities which are disruptive to ongoing conversations. This practice reinforces rules against spam by targeting the problem it causes, instead of a single vague symptom.

3. Users responsible for enforcing rules should cite which rules are being violated when dealing punishments.

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Re: #FalloutEquestria Channel Rules

Post by SilverlightPony » Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:46 pm

Retl wrote:3. Users responsible for enforcing rules should cite which rules are being violated when dealing punishments.
Always, always, always.
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Re: #FalloutEquestria Channel Rules

Post by Emanuel the mad god » Sun Dec 20, 2015 6:19 pm

Quick question I'm new here and I have read the gide lines but I'm not clear on this would it be allowed to set up a discussion topic on if any two charecters from the Fo:E universe (including side stories such as Fo:E PH) were to fight who would win?Also if it's aloud has anyone else already started such a discussion?
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