Fallout Equestria : The RP server

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Fallout Equestria : The RP server

Post by Hoijima » Tue Jan 20, 2015 12:25 pm

Hi. Well the topic mostly describes the inside's of this post so let's get to details.
Carrier (well the mane base of this thing) : MInecraft.
Well i did not have much choice so i chose to make a role playing server on minecraft. So what's it's like you say?
Well basically in whole a chat room with some graphics. In other word's we leave the shooting\walking\eating and etc stuff to minecraft and the little stuff like nose boop's\brohoof's to the text roleplay system.

And let's talk about it.
Skils - Like fallout one's mostly . Up one it will give oyu stuff to user like a good laZZer gun, or maybe you are a fan of that chainsaw? Up the weapon skill for it by completing quest's and event's.

Guns? yep unicorn one based (well also eathpony one's) and combine with a saddle.... :derpyderp1: boom!...you got a battle saddle with that gun.

Custom stuff? Yep. I'm not that pro both i can make some stuff in 3d and picture the tolerance out of it.

Registration? Yeah you will have to have a minecraft account and make a character bio via form.(Hey it's mostly like a pnp so most basic stuff it there by default)

Well you interested please write me about it. "Don't Just Stand there and do nothing Sugar cube,your not a tree!"

And i'm off to do shenanigans else ware :pinkiebounce:

P.S mostly europe zone'd both if i acquire a fine hosting for this maybe US :pinkiegasp:

P.S.S okay maybe some pony did not get the it.It's not a WIP it's mostly alpha already. Im just one man building this. So it's taking time.
I'v managed to put a stable together for starter's . Both it need's some stuff like furniture and pc to be set to go.
Hey some pony! Please remove pinkie and Discord from my head!

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